Thursday, February 5, 2009


Click here to see our Scratch projects from today.  Groups chose a specific scene from the novel we are reading, The Cricket in Times Square.  We will be collaborating with a class from New Hampshire that has completed the same project.  

3D boys, Mrs. Brock and I were just talking about how proud we are of the way you all experimented with this new program.  We learned so much by observing you.  I'm sure we will do another Scratch project soon!

Scratch Project

Scratch Project


Eli said...

I think sratch is cool because you can make a book chapter on the screen.

Austin said...

I love scratch! Lets do it again.

daniel said...

Scratch was SO funny! Especially Cricket 8!!!!!!!!!

Buck Billings said...

Awesome! I the all of the designs you made!