Wednesday, November 10, 2010

25 Things About Jack as a Reader

1.Has to have adventure
2.Along with action
3.Has to be long
4.Love to read at nighttime
5.Have to have AC when reading
6.have to be comfy while reading
7.always in bed
8. favorite book: woods runner
9.needs to be awesome
10. has to be funny
11.has to have me wondering at the end
12. has to have an ontimontipia
13.has to have a happy ending
14.has to have a person!!
15. book always needs to happen outdoors
16.needs to lead to the movie of the book
17.HAS to have more than one character
18.It must be something that actually happend
19.No gross things in the book
20.must have a problem
21.always needs two main characters
22.can have history in the book
23has to have a lot of prepisitions
24.needs an awesome ending
25.needs to have a solution for the problem

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