Monday, November 29, 2010

25 Things About Michael as a Reader

1.   I love fiction.
2.   Sometimes when I see a friend reading, I want to read.
3.   Usually I have funny books to read sometimes.
4.   I can read during dinner.
5.   Sometimes when I’m grounded, the only thing I can do is read.
6.   I try to find good books.
7.   My favorite books are Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe, Captain Underpants, and Lunch Money.
8.   Sometimes I read in bed.
9.   Anytime I read, I can see it happening in my head.
10.I love to read when I’m sad.
11. Funny books catch my attention.
12. A book of adventure feels like the scene is playing on a movie screen.
13. Battle scenes in a book is like being a soldier in the book.
14. In second grade, I got 111.5 AR Points.
15. Reading is my 3rd favorite thing to do.
16. I just love reading.
17. I’d read anything but a kid book.
18.Action books are really good to me.
19. The book I am reading is the Lost Hero, and I like it.
20. My favorite series is the Captain Underpants.
21. I read books all the time when I was 6 and under.
22. Reading cheers me up.
23. I always want a book to read.
24. Eating while reading was a bad idea when I was 5.
25. I love reading!

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