Tuesday, November 23, 2010

25 Things About Me as a Reader

1)  I love to read on the couch.
2) I love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.
3)  I read best with my dog on my lap.
4) I love reading a new book.
5) I love to draw an image of what’s happening.
6) I dislike when books leave you hanging.
7) I love fantasy books.
8) I love when there is a series of books.
9) I love reading in a cold room.
10)            I love hardback books.
11)             I love describing scenes.
12)            I don’t feel good reading in the car.
13)             I dislike when they make a movie and it is nothing like a book.
14)            I love books about animals.
15)            I love mystery books.
16)            I love the A.R Auction.
17)            I love to read outside in my tree house.
18)            I’m not good reading when there’s a noise or distraction.
19)            I love when an author makes a series.
20)           I love long books.
21)            I love LWW just like everyone else in my family.
22)            The best things about books is getting a new one.
23)            I love reading when it’s dark.
24)           I love to read outside.
25)            I love to read about Christ.

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