Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Things About Liam as Reader

1. Fiction is my favorite genre
2. I like reading in quiet
3. I like to read AR books
4. I can’t read after I finish my work in class
5. I really like descriptive books
6. My favorite author so far is Rick Riordan
7. My favorite book so far is Found
8. I like books that have 180-300 pages long
9. I don’t like books over 350 pages.
10. I like my reading level books.
11. I like hard book covers
12. I don’t like books under 100 pages
13. I do not like violent books
14. I can’t read in the dark
15. I can’t be forced to read
16. I really only like reading in my room
17. I like reading on rainy days
18. I usually don’t read as much as I do now
19. My favorite series so far is Hunters
20. I do not like books that came from a movie or show
21. I love mystery books. They make me want to keep reading
22. I am a slower reader than others
23. I would prefer reading at home than at school
24. I can’t read when people are talking
25. I don’t like reading in groups (my opinion)

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