Monday, February 7, 2011

What Does a 3 Look Like?

We recently completed a CSI (Color, Symbol, Image) on one of the main characters from James and the Giant Peach.  Here are several examples to help you see what a 3 looks like:

Caedmon: “I chose the symbol of an umbrella because James protects all of the bugs. He would rather help others before putting himself under it.”

“I chose the color grey because it represents gloomy. The way it represents gloomy is that thunderstorms are grey ad gloomy. James is gloomy because of the way his aunts treat him.”
“I chose the symbol of a cross because it represents hope. The way it represents hope is that Jesus gave us hope. James has hope for fun when he finds the bugs and the peach.”
“I chose the image of a man climbing a cliff because it represents adventure. It represents adventure because it is an adventure to climb. James feels adventure because he finally has friends and hope of more friends.”

“I chose the image of lightning because he (James) is aggressive like when he called the Silkworm a fat-lazy-brute.” (*add—why is lightning aggressive?)

“I chose the color yellow because yellow is the color of the sun and the sun is bright. James is bright because he makes up the idea with the seagulls.”

"I chose the symbol of a biohazard because Centipede is grouchy and full of poison. It shows that when he gets splattered with paint and yells at everyone."

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