Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Does Collaboration Look Like?

We talked today about collaboration and what it looks like. After we watched the video below, we each found an example of the way the soccer team demonstrated collaboration skills and made a connection to   the ways we collaborate in Literature Circles.

A few examples:
Houston- "Thy showed collaboration when they helped build the soccer (football) pitch. We do something similar to that in Lit. Circles when we help each other with parts that someone doesn't understand and tell our friends our markings. We also build a relationship just like they built their pitch."

Louis- "Those kids wanted to play soccer, but they realized there wasn't enough space in their village. So they worked together and built a floating soccer field, just like we have to work together in Lit. Circles."

Will M.- "They showed how to pass the ball like how you take turns and share things. It showed me how to listen to others and to share."

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